iQOO All Stars Tournament

All You Need To Know About iQOO All Stars Tournament Watch Now

“The iQOO all stars tournament will feature the top 24 teams from the country, providing a great opportunity for all esports players. Following the government of India’s ban on BGMI, there hasn’t been such a significant tournament where players can showcase their skills. Hence, this could be their chance to prove themselves.”

iQOO All Stars Tournament

iQOO All Stars Tournament

Five years ago, if someone had suggested that we could turn our favorite mobile games into a fulfilling career, we would have dismissed the idea for the sake of our sanity. However, today the tables have turned. Esports has gone beyond being just a fun way to kill time with friends. It has now become a significant investment for many esports giants as it has entered into national and international leagues. The fact that it has given rise to professional gamers who make a living out of it attests to its importance.

The iQOO All Stars Tournament front runners’ list has been announced, and for those of us who have witnessed the fierce competition in the last two seasons, we know what to expect. Participants have always put their best foot forward, and we are excited to see what Season 3 brings.

Tournament price pool:

The third edition of the All-Star series will feature the New State Mobile game. Unlike the previous two seasons that were based on PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire, respectively.

This upcoming season is an invitation-only event, where the top 23 teams in the country have been invited based on their previous tournament performances and rankings. Additionally, one community team has been selected from the iQOO community, providing an opportunity for raw talent to compete with top-tier players. The tournament’s total prize pool is Rs 10 lakhs, with the winning team receiving a whopping Rs 5 lakhs. Here’s the prize pool breakdown:

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