iQOO All Stars Season 3

Watch Now iQOO All Stars Season 3 Finalist Teams.

Yesterday’s exciting semi-finals of iQOO All Stars Season 3 ended, and we got to enjoy lots of thrilling moments. Let’s talk about the teams that made the semi-finals great.

iQOO All Stars Season 3

Yesterday’s exciting semi-finals of iQOO All Stars Season 3 came to an end, leaving us with many thrilling moments to remember. There were some outstanding performances and some heartbreaking losses that will stay with the spectators for a long time. Now, the fans are eagerly waiting to celebrate the new champion.

“Twenty-four teams are competing with each other in the iQOO All Stars Tournament, and you can watch the entire broadcast for free on the iQOO E-sports YouTube channel.”

“Only the top sixteen teams will qualify for the tournament, and the remaining eight teams will be disqualified. The prize pool will be distributed according to the teams’ ranks. The tournament will be played in a new state in TPP mode, and there will be a special award for the MVP.” 

Let’s take a closer look at the teams that made iQOO All Stars Season 3 semi-finals unforgettable.

Top 24 Teams Of iQOO All Stars Season 3.

2. Qool Questers
3. Orange Rock Esports
4. Team Insane
5. Enigma Gaming
6. KS Official
7. Marcos Gaming
8. Team Tamilas
9. Zero Gravity
10. Godlike Esports
11. Try Hard
12. Genesis Esports
13. S8ul Esports
14. Velocity Gaming
15. Gods Reign
16. XO x UDA
17. Midwave Esports
18. True Rippers
19. Fintox India
20. Team Xspark
21. Team Psyche
22. Big Brother
23. Bad Devils
24. Hyderabad Hydras 

“These are the 16 teams that qualified for the finals.”          

1. Orange Rock Esports 
2. Team Insane
3. Try Hard
4. Genesis Esports
5. S8ul Esports
6. Velocity Gaming
7. Gods Reign
8. XO x UDA
9. Midwave Esports
10. True Rippers
11. Fintox India
12. Team Xspark
13. Team Psyche
14. Big Brother
15. Bad Devils
16. Hyderabad Hydras

“These are some fan-favorite teams that gave their best but, unfortunately, did not qualify for the iQOO All Stars Season 3  finals. However, we hope that they come back stronger, give their best, and perform well in the next tournament.”

1. Enigma Gaming
2. TKS Official
3. Marcos Gaming
4. Team Tamilas
5. Zero Gravity
6. Godlike Esports
8. Qool Questers

Top 3 Performers 

Out of all the teams that participated in the tournament, three particular teams have managed to stand out as the finest performers. These teams have demonstrated their exceptional skills and talent, and have managed to secure the top position on the point table, which has left their devoted fans filled with pride and joy. It is their hope that these teams continue to perform at such a high level, displaying their exceptional abilities on the field and bringing honor and glory to their team and supporters alike. May they always maintain this level of excellence and continue to make their fans proud!

  1. With a total of 86 points, Orange Rock managed to secure three Chicken Dinners during the tournament.
  2. Team Insane was able to achieve one Chicken Dinner and score a total of 78 points.
  3. Try Hard may have only secured one Chicken Dinner, but they still earned a respectable total of 61 points throughout the tournament.

Lowest Performing Teams.

Despite being a fan-favorite and a team with high expectations for the tournament, Team XSpark ultimately finished in 12th place with 40 points and without securing any Chicken Dinners. In comparison, other teams such as Big Brothers and Hyderabad Hydras managed to secure the 14th and 16th positions with 38 and 35 points respectively.