Project Astrid

Shroud and Sacriel, both streamers, have announced the development of their new game called “Project Astrid”.

Streamer Shroud And Sacrial are making their own game called “Project Astrid”, with help of Splash Damage.

About Project Astrid.

Sacriel and shroud, two well-known streamers in the gaming community, have announced their latest project – Project Astrid. The project is a collaboration with Splash Damage, a UK-based video game development company that has been responsible for some of the biggest multiplayer games in recent years.

What makes this project unique is the involvement of Sacriel and shroud in the development process. As players, streamers, subject matter experts, and community builders and leaders, they bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience that is invaluable in creating a game that resonates with the gaming community.

Mike ‘shroud’ Grzesiek, one of the two streamers involved in the project, has expressed his excitement and passion for the project, stating that “This project means everything to me. Chris and I have refined a vision for what’s next in the survival genre and with Splash Damage we’re setting out to build it. We want to build the best survival game ever, and with Sacriel’s brain and Splash Damage’s team, I know we can do it.”

Chris ‘Sacriel’ Ball, the other streamer involved in the project, has also expressed his excitement, stating that “This is a dream come true. Mike and I have been envisioning a world where we help build the game that streamers and gamers love playing. To be able to execute with a team as esteemed and experienced as Splash Damage is a privilege. In our work together to date, it is clear to us that we are truly part of the team and that we are well positioned to help bring this dream to reality.”

Sacriel and shroud have been involved with Project Astrid from the very start, providing their insights and expertise to help create a game that is worthy of the genre and its fans. According to Lance Winter, Creative Director on Project Astrid, “Sacriel and shroud are core members of our development team. They bring with them a unique and fresh perspective. Not only that, but they’re providing us brand new insights into what fans and creators actually want from their gaming experiences. No one knows this genre better than they do.”

With their involvement in the development process, it is clear that Sacriel and shroud are more than just streamers – they are an integral part of the team working to bring Project Astrid to life. As fans eagerly await more news and updates on the game, it is exciting to see the level of passion and dedication that these two streamers bring to the table.

Project Astrid

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